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Thymol Pad 12 g (Langstroth)

12 g thymol pad for 1 Langstroth box. Sold in 5 & 10 pcs packages.

thymol pads 12g

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Thymol pads are used as maintining the beehive air fresh and clean. One Langstroth size box requires 1 x 12g thymol pad.

Side effects of using thymol pads: May kill around 90% of tha varroa mites in bee colony depending of the weather and current hive activity.

If you have hive base/bottom with mesh, you can keep it open along with the hive entrance. Thymol pad is placed on the top of the frames to the opposite site of the hive entrance (at the back of the compartment) to avoid the scent of the pad bothering the bees when moving to feeding. If you use hive top feeder (with internal access), the feeder should be placed  so that the entrance is on the opposite site of the thymol pad. Usually the beespace is more than enough for the thymo pad to fit in.

You can remove the remains of the pad when performing the oxalic acid treatment.

Thymol pads are sold in 5 and 10 pcs packages. Thymol pads can be stored for next year by sealing and keeping the package closed.

Thymol is a phenolic monoterpene extracted from garden thyme and it doesn't leave any leftovers to honey.

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