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Hive Bottom with ventilation board

Hive bottom with ventilation board provides stable and healthy environment for the honeybees during the whole year. Ventilattion board can be adjusted so that the bottom ventilation is open or completely closed. Ventilation board is made of styrofoam to ensure good thermal insulation. The board can be replaced with Honey Paw hive bottom pollen collector. Made of expanded polystyrene with density of 100 kg / m3. This makes the material durable and long lasting.

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By far the best hive bottom with ventilation on the market! The bottom keeps the hive dry and warm during the winter time and ventilates so that the hive is cool and dry during the summer season.

Ventilation board can be replaced with Honey Paw’s innovative bottom pollen collector.

Ventilation board provides airflow from the edges and is designed in the way that no brace comb is formed under the frames.

Hive bottom comes with mesh under the ventilation board.

Internal dimensions in mm: L 464 x W 370 x H 130

External dimensions in mm: L 600 x W 454 x H 130
Weight in kg: 1,7

Hive bottom with ventilation board bulk supply:

Packing: 64 pcs packed in a pallet

Dimensions in cm: 120x100x230

Weight in kg (with wooden pallet): 125

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Plastic, aluminum

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