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Smoker Pellets 2kg

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Extruded pellets from vegetable waste. Mild fragrant smoke.

The advantage of the product is the long burning time. The disadvantage is more difficult ignition. The piece is so hard that it required to ignite the igniter. Defends his place when is needed to be longer time at apiary. The burning time is even a whole day.

One layer of granules is placed on the bottom of the smoker. Then a piece of ignition plate or ignition buttons lit and maybe a couple more slices of porous plate or similar. Pour the granules on the sides of the smoker. The bellows are then pumped until the smoke is sure to come from the granules and not from the igniters. Finally, top with fresh grass or moss. This produces cool smoke that does not make the bees panic. The grass also prevents the granules from draining from the nozzle of the smoker when it is tilted.

If the smoker starts to dust too much, add grass as a brake. A half charge is enough for an average of 12 hours, the Honey Paw record is 24 hours.