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Hive Body Deep (Langstroth Ruth 240 mm)


Hive body Langstroth Ruth 240 mm, for frames with 470 mm top bar length.

Not sure if this is the correct size for your frames? View our hive size summary.

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Hive body Langstroth Ruth 240 mm, high density polystyrene 100 kg/m³

Suitable for frames 470 x 230 mm (435×230 mm).
Hive parts comes flat packed and are easy to assemble.
Capacity of 10 hoffman frames.


– Inner dimensions: 454 x 372mm (18 1/4 x 14 3/4 inches)
– Outer dimensions: 544 x 452mm (21.4 x 17.8 inches)
– Wall thickness long side: 40mm (1.58 inches), short sides: 45 mm (1,77 inches)
– Weight: 1,67 kg

Assembly instructions

User Guide available. View it here!

Stewart Spinks from Norfolk Honey Company has made great assembly instructions for our hives. View it on Youtube! The assembly starts at 3:01.

Wondering the hive painting? We do recommend it! Painting protects the hive from the water and UV radiation thus it improves the durability. And, of course, painted hives look nice and they are easier to clean. We don’t recommend painting the inside surfaces. Stewart has made also a complete painting guide, view it on YouTube.