Honey Paw offering high quality beekeeping equipment and supplies for the beekeepers who demand the best.

Honey Paw’s goal is to offer quality beekeeping equipment for the beekeepers and beekeeping equipment distributors. All the polystyrene hives and machinery are designed and manufactured by Honey Paw comitted to providing you highest quality and standards.

Honey Paw polystyrene hives.

More than just a polyhive! Give your bees stable and healthy environment to increase your honey production.

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Honey Paw Uncapping machines.

It doesn’t matter whether your are professional or small scale beekeeper, Honey Paw has something to offer for everyone.



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Honey Paw Wax press.

Compact and powerfull tool for honey and wax separation.

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Honey Paw extracting lines.

Honey Paw manufactures and supplies complete honey extraction lines in 40 frame and 80 frame capacity.

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Other beekeeping equipment.

Honey Paw offers wide range other essentials for beekeepers. From plastic frames to protective clothing.

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