Uncapping machines

It doesn’t matter whether your are professional or small scale beekeeper, Honey Paw has something to offer for everyone.

With the knowlege comes understanding how to make quality uncapping equipment to achieve outstanding results and maximum customer satisfaction. Honey Paw provides superior efficiency and easy handling. The best way to get the value for money.

Slit uncapper

In year 2013 we achieved second place with our patended slit uncapper. Slit uncapper is choice when you don’t wan’t to have wax processing equipment only steam generator (uncapper is heated with 95 °C steam) and extractor is enough. Many beekeepers are saying it really saves your wrists because you don’t have to use so much force than with uncapping fork. Below you can find video of Slit-uncapper at action.

Manual uncapping machine

Manual, dont need much space and surprisingly effective device. The blades and blade movement are same as in our larger uncapping machines.

The frames are placed one by one on the frame holder, which is pushed through moving blades. Frames are always completely hatched and no bug feeds can happen

Honey Paw Uncapping line

Easy, fast and cost efficient uncapping solution for professionels or semi-professionals.


  • Automatic uncapping machine (5-8 frames/min) with special water heated blades
  • Stand for uncapping machine with empty frame track

We recommend with line:

  • Honey Paw Wax press 350kg/h
  • Honey Paw water heating unit.

Honey Paw lifting uncapping machine.

Uncapping machine for uncapping lines and extracting lines. Capacity of 6-8 frames / min (optimal speed and uncapping result).

Uncapper has special patented blades that gives the best performance and resul available. Blades are heated with hot water unit (optionally steam heating can be used but not recommended) that is sold separately.