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Hive Bottom with Mesh


Hive bottom with a mesh. Provides stable and healthy environment for the honeybees during the whole year. With this hive bottom it’s possible to use integrated varroa tray. Available with three mesh options. The plastic mesh is included by default, but it can be upgraded to the alloy mesh or to the most robust option, steel grille.

The steel grille has a gap of 3.3 mm which is narrow enough to prevent bees going through.

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Honey Paw hive bottom with mesh is supplied with either plastic or aluminum mesh. Bottom is same size as the Honey Paw’s boxes. Bottom with mesh should be placed a little above of the ground (i.e. on a wooden pallet) so that there is a “open space” directly under the hive bottom. As an option you can close the bottom opening by separate closing board. The hive entrance should be blocked only when moving the hive or when splitting the beehive.

With bottom is possible to use integrated varroa board and eps board.
One can use extra EPS board for closing hive during oxalic acid treatment or to give little bit extra insulation during spring. Both  extra boards sold separately.

Made of expanded polystyrene with density of 100 kg/m³. This makes the material durable and long lasting.

Internal dimensions in mm: L 464 x W 370 x H 96
Extrenal dimensions in mm: L 544 x W 454 x H 96
Weight in kg: 1,050 – 1,350 kg


User Guides

User Guide available. View it here!

Hive bottom with mesh bulk supply:

Packing: 88 pcs packed in a pallet

Dimensions in cm: 120x100x230

Weight in kg (with wooden pallet): 120