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Complete Honey Paw Langstroth hive kit

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Honey Paw polystyrene beehives are a result of over 20 years of beekeeping. Designed by beekeeper for beekeepers.

Hives are tested and proven to work in all weather conditions (Finland’s harsh winter and hot summers). Higher insulation capability works on both cold and hot weather countries / areas keeping hive warm during the cold winter and keeping the excess warmth out of the hive in hot temperatures. Honey Paw’s polystyrene bee hive boxes are light weight but designed to last for many years of use. Hive material density is over 100 kg / m3 which makes it by far the thickest on the market.

Kit includes:

  • Langstroth deep brood body
  • 2x 2/3 Langstroth medium deep honey super body
  • Bottom with mesh
  • Telescopic roof
  • 15l feeder
  • Inner plastic cover
  • Queen excluder

Frames sold separately.