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Honey Paw 40 frame extractor


Extractor with capacity of 40 Frames

12500,00  /pc 10080,65  VAT 0%



Fast and easily operated 40 frame honey extracting line. Recommended for the beekeepers with 50 to 700 hives.

Adjustable extractor velocity and extracting time, no useless touch screens!

Possibility to change for different frame sizes. Works with all frames sizes from Langstroth to smaller ones (upper list).

– Very easy to install and clean after use

– Extractor for 40 frames (hoffman) with 1,5 kW motor (single phase 220/240V)

– Extractor outlet to honey sump 100 or 50 mm

– Uncapping stand for Slit uncapping tool, Uncapping fork or uncapping knife

– Loading and unloading tracks for frames