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Nuc Body Langstroth (full depth)

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Honey Paw Nuc box for the nuc colonies and queen rearing. Capacity of 4 frames All Honey Paw expanded polystyrene (EPS) nucs are made with density of 100 kg / m3.

Langstorth full depth Nuc body 241mm deep (9 1/2 inches)

Honey Paw Nuc Box gives you variety of possibilites

– Capacity of 4 frames

– Innovative and unique design

– Used for queen rearing, preseving and merging colonies

– 2x Nuc boxes can be used side by side with normal 10 frame hive body


– Inner dimensions: 464mm x 148mm  (18 1/4 x 5 5/8 inches)

– Outer dimensions: 544mm x 224mm (21.4 x 8.82 inches)

– Wall thickness 40mm (1.58 inches)

Weight in kg: 0,9

Nuc body Langstroth (full depth) bulk supply:

Packing: 168 pcs packed in a pallet

Dimensions in cm: 120x100x230

Weight in kg (with wooden pallet): 225

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