How to order from us?

We are shipping Honey Paw polystyrene beehives worldwide so if you are interested on our hives don’t be afraid ask offer. You can also pick products what you are interested in from our webshop and we will return to you via email.

Ask offer from pallet size orders.

Honey Paw- polystyrene hives come flat packed so we can ship them cost-effective for beekeepers all around world. We are also open for new distributor cooperations.

Quantities in half and full pallets.

SKUNamepcs / half-palletpcs / full-pallet
1120005Hive body Langstroth65130
1120010Hive body medium deep91182
1120050Hive body Dadant modified50100
1150005Hive roof52104
1150010Migratory hive cover88176
1180005Hive bottom with mesh4488
1180010Hive bottom with ventilation board3264
1180015Thermal hive bottom4488
1180040Pollen trap for ventilated bottom58116
1180030Hive top feeder 15 l3672
1120015Nuc body Langstroth78156
1120020Nuc body medium deep121242
1150020Roof for nuc hive184368
1180020Bottom for nuc hive96192
1180035Top feeder for nuc hive 5 l72144

We are open for all new distributor-contacts, let us know if you wan’t start reselling Honey Paw- hives in your country.