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Bee escape 8-way


8-way bee escape.

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Bee escape,  to be attached to a plywood board.

The exhaust attached to the plate is placed under a ripe box of honey and waited a day or two. The bees go down to the queen without knowing way back up and the honeys can be picked up without brushing and irritating the bees. Recommended especially if there are angry nests in the residential yard. Requires the use of a closing grid and keeping the queen in the lower boxes.

The functionality of the escapes depends more on the nest and the weather than on the model of the escape.

When taking the bottom boxes, you have to think about whether there is food in the brood box. Sometimes it can happen that the bees eat the fetuses if there is no food at all under the escape plate. This can be prevented by placing sugar dough under the exhaust plate.

The emptying of the lower compartments can also be improved by placing an empty compartment without frames between the exhaust plate and the closing grid.

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