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Pollen Trap for hive bottom

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Efficient and easy to use pollen trap for the hive bottom with ventilation board. Drawer tray with easy access for pollen collection. Operated from behind of the hive. As the pollen trap is located under the brood chamber, it is protected from outside weather conditions. Honey Paw’s Pollen Trap repleaces the ventilation board in the bottom. Hive bottom is not included to the price.

Must have addition for the Honey Paw hive bottom. Pollen Trap integrates with the hive bottom replacing the ventilation board.

Pollen trap also ventilates the entire bottom area of the hive and it doesn’t affect to the hive entrance!

Weight in kg: 1,4

Pollen tarp for hive bottom bulk supply:

Packing: 116 pcs packed in a pallet

Dimensions in cm: 120x100x230

Weight in kg (with wooden pallet): 180

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